Friday, 24 August 2007

Quechup on google

I have just posted my other blog and decided to do a search on and have been amazed at the amount of blogs from various people moaning about Quechup sending invites to all their contacts in address books. I dont know about most people but i read things before i do anything and it clearly states when you check your address book that they are sending invites out to friends that arent on Quechup, and you give them permission to do it. So for all you moaners read next time.

After receiving an invitation from one of my friends to join i decided to give it a go. I have now been on the site around 12 months and found some very old friends i had lost from school as well as made some great friends with new people, i just started chatting to. So thanks Quechup for the invite and to my friend little miss tate for the invite, you know who you are. Chat to you all soon. xxxx